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Does anyone know of two poems that have the same theme?

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    If you want by the same author, try Emily Dickinson:

    "How Happy is the Little Stone"


    "The Soul Selects her Own Society"

    both deal with being alone yet happy. If you want a different author you might add Robert Frost and "Two Roads Diverge In a Yellow Wood" or also the one that begins with "Whose Woods are these, I think I know, he lives in the village, though ..."

    Add a song to it, "I am a Rock, I am an Island" by Simon and Garfunkel

    Oh yes, you could have a great deal of fun with this theme because so many poets are alone themselves and want to convince themselves it is the best way, or to convince us that is the best way.

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    The only one that comes to mind is the one I read and did research on in college. Try Propertius I 21 and Propertius I 22 The first one is a bit easier to read than the second both are worthwhile reads.

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    hi, nicely out of the two I in all possibility desire the 1st one. enable me walk you thru my techniques (as constantly use what you like, overlook approximately what you do not): Poem a million This commencing is why i like poem a million greater effectual. A gradual dance on his wedding ceremony day is greater evocative than a hidden secret in the vaults. it particularly is a good photograph to hold our interest. ok sufficient on the aside enable's take aside the lines. a gradual dance on his wedding ceremony day good palms embody borrowed time With unfastened verse, you unquestionably must be careful including your line breaks. think of roughly what you attempt to place across. you start up with "a gradual dance" inspite of the undeniable fact that it particularly is an rather short line. the line reads quickly while what you're going for is the observer later in the poem aching to be certain yet another being held in this manner. additionally in line 2: "on his" isn't the type you elect to break a line especially it rather is variety of uneven and synthetic. you ought to just about rewrite it in fewer lines: a gradual dance on his wedding ceremony day good palms embody borrowed time Now the good palms embody wreck works o.k.. it particularly is a good verb. It performs nicely off of palms and borrowed. The layering seems good. Borrowed time to me nevertheless is slightly cliche. you ought to in all possibility arise with some thing greater effectual. An unrequited brooding love, a keenness buried in her physique. She longed that she must be the only that held him close and noted as his call. This strophe is a sprint obtrusive. you're in basic terms putting forward it. possibly re-exhibit it with some imagery. discover the thank you to describe the jealosy this individual is feeling. thoughts hidden undercover found out to stamp on kick and smother stored the ashes can not be found out of sight long gone to floor ok this area has some potential. i like the place you're going with it inspite of the undeniable fact that i might fairly you used some thing as a metaphor for the sentiments instead of in basic terms calling them out lower back. Hidden undercover seems slightly redundant as does can not be stumbled on and out of sight. i think of there's a good theory here which could be introduced out greater completely. My one remark on the 2d poem is the relationship with coals is a good replace for thoughts. It additionally supplies the greater suitable theory of the warmth of jealosy and the ashes that are the consequences of pursuing that direction. i'm hoping a number of that replaced into valuable. ultimate, Todd

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    Charge of the Light Brigade and IF... I think both may be by Kipling. I find the central theme of "Manhood" and "Honor".

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