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A question about health care privacy???

Can anyone who is familiar with the act tell me what HIPAA says about the following situation and specifically what part of the act covers it? Any information at all would be helpful:

I was recently at the hospital, and I checked out against medical advice (not smart, I know, but I digress). Because of the fact that I checked out AMA, a personal acquaintance of mine was concerned about the accuracy of what I had told her, because she personally thought I should have been admitted to the hospital. She had a friend that worked on that particular wing of the hospital, and she called her friend and asked her for information. This friend, an RN, pulled up my name in the computer and gave my acquaintance information about my medical history and treatment, simply because they were friends and attended church together.

Just because someone has a connection within the hospital, does that give them the right to access other peoples' medical records? Is this covered under HIPAA?

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    Speak with an attorney; that was really something that is frowned upon by the medical establishment AND grounds for lawsuit; your right to privacy and your expectation of confidentiality were both violated. Get an attorney, speak in private (if there's a third party present, there's no expectation of confidentiality). What are you waiting for...? RUN to an attorney NOW!

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    Your particular case is definitely covered under HIPAA which strictly forbids the disclosure of any patient information by any hospital personnel to another person unless specific permission is given for that individual to disclose that information. The act of that nurse is a specific and definite violation of the act.

    Source(s): Copy of HIPAA disclosure to patients given at my office.
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    No, it does not give them the right to access other people's medical records, and that RN should be very concerned for her job.

    HIPAA is a federal law that prohibits anyone other then medical practitioners from viewing your medical records without your written permission except for instances like a parent receiving their child's medical records.

    As for your friend, boy is she nosey. And the Nurse could lose her license to practise medicine (yes, even nurses have to be licensed), and criminal charges if you would like to push the issue.

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    no your medical information is suppose to be kept confidential. the only time they can talk to someone about you is if they are trying to find out something they aren't sure of.

    other than that you can tell the administrator to the hospital and have them check it out for you as they will get to the bottom of it.

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    No,that should never happen.

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