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What would happen to a Republican Congressmen if $90,000. was found in their freezer?

Is this typical Democratic behavior keeping a man in office who has proven of taking a bribe and standing beside him.

Why do the Democrats not demand his resignation?

In a 95-page affidavit used to obtain a warrant for the office search, investigators stated that an August 2005 search of Democratic Rep. William Jefferson's home turned up the cash sum in a freezer.

The money was divided among various frozen food containers, according to the heavily redacted affidavit


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    Dina ... Sorry your other question didn't get the serious answers you had hoped for.

    What would happen to a Republican? I cannot begin to imagine, frankly. I'm waiting to find out what excuse Congressman Jefferson comes up with regarding the $90K they found. He has steadfastly defended himself and said the truth will eventually be learned. Well, we've been waiting quite a while ... I'm anxious to see what the reason was.

    Thanks for a good quesiton.

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