Is everything ok?

I am about 15 weeks pregnant and I have not felt my baby move, is everything ok? This is my 2nd child. When I was about 13 -14 weeks I felt fluttering and I'm not sure if it was the baby or not. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    That is totally normal. The average gestation for feeling the quickening (the fluttering feeling you describe) is about 18 weeks.

    In addition- a fetal kick count isn't reliable until 28 weeks.

    No worries, mama!

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    Every pregnancy is different. The baby could be smaller than the last one, facing a different direction, etc. I never looked for fluttering until around 17 weeks plus. 15 weeks is still very very early. You may have felt fluttering last time at 13-14 weeks, but it could've been gas bubbles or that your stomach was tighter then. Don't worry yet, your baby is probably fine. At each appointment they do a heartbeat check, and that would be more of an indication of problems at 15 weeks.

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    Don't stress each child is different. but if you wet a wash clothe and put it in the freezer.. then put it on your belly. the baby will move.. He/She doesn't like cold. Worked great for when the baby was under my rids and I couldn't eat.

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    Every pregnancy is different, this baby might not be as active as the first. Give it sometime, everything is fine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Please dont worry. It is sometimes longer, I am just now 16 weeks today and just felt my first flutter. It will happen. :) Congrats!!

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