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What personality test is the most accurate??

Should we consider Freud?

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    Freud didn't write a personality test. Probably the most respected and empirically validated personality test is the MMPI-2. It is designed to pick up people who are faking a psychological problem or underreporting. It also is not as likely to overpathologize like the MCMI.

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    The MMPI was considered very accurate for decades and the MMPI2 was supposed to improve on it. But I had a fairly normal friend who tested way off the scale for mental illness when she took. it. Her professor assured her it doesn't work for everybody.

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    I've always considered personality tests to be bullshit. They are either a way of unfairly categorizing you and stamping you with a SUITABLE FOR THIS TASK ONLY label, or they're used as a sort of oracle to make life decisions for you: "hmm, I should probably stop listening to the radio and watch more TV because the test says I'm a visual person"

    Do what you want. Don't let any damn test influence you.

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    Hands down Myers-Briggs Type indicator. This test dates back to world war ll and has yet to be altered. Professionals use it for group dynamics, employee training, and personal development.

    Learning my co-workers personality types helped me to deal with a difficult job. Below is a detailed website.

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    1 decade ago is a quiz making website where people who enjoy helping people discover who they are post quizzes and stories that can change their outlook on themselves. Course personality quizzes aint always correct, but most of the things they say about you are true.

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    search it online, I think its the inkblot test

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