Alternative to Bridesmaid boquets?

I'm looking for an alternative for Bridesmaids bouquets. Our wedding is in the fall and the bridesmaids will be wearing burgundy dresses..any ideas?! Thanks in advance!

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    If you choose to do something different than flowers, make sure it's easy to carry and set down, then pick back up again if necessary. Also, be really careful with candles - it could end up being messy (dripping wax) or a fire hazard. If they carry candles down the aisle, what will they do with the lit candle during the ceremony?

    If you want to do the candles, have each bridesmaid carry a small vase or even better, a lantern with a tea light placed in the middle. Make sure there's somewhere near the altar to place these candles.

    The dark reddish purple calla lilies are nice for fall, but since they're wearing burgundy dresses, I think a white or ivory one would look much better. White roses would also look lovely, or the orangy-peach ones with the red edges.

    Whatever you choose, it would be a nice gesture to your BMs to make sure that not only do they know about it ahead of time, but that they won't feel awkward carrying something unexpected. Many BMs can be nervous walking down the aisle with everyone looking at them and taking photos. The last thing you want is them feeling weird about carrying something very unusual or awkward to hold.

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    This may be totally weird but its just an idea. Have each of them carry a different kind of fall vegetable such as a small pumpkin, corn, apples etc and place them in a basket to symbolize the abundance your marriage has (kind of like filling up a cornucopia). You could also do small baskets filled with fall colored flowers instead of bouquets. Or do a pomander (a ball covered in flowers and held by ribbon). maybe dont just flowers but incorporate some dried seed pods and feathers. Could be very elegant.

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    Well it depends on your theme. You could always do a boquet of sorts. By that I mean stuff like greenery and ferns and ivy. Or you chould have them carry something like a basket of leaves or a bird's nest. Is it indoors or outdoors? That will make a differnece. Obviously things that I've said are for outdoors.

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    I got married in the fall and my girls wore lady godiva colored dresses a dark chocolate brown. My wedding colors were the deep brown, baby blue, and silver. The girls carried three lillies, the stem cut to about 6 inches from the bulb and wrapped with the matching baby blue ribbon that went around the back of my chairs.

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    Check out the "alternative to flowers" under the bridal pack page on the link below and if it not what you like ask her about something that may work for your theme.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

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    You could have them carry flower balls. You can get those already made at a craft store. They could have flowers that lay to the side on one arm. We carried flowers like that in one of my friends weddings. It was really pretty. You could even have them carry a candle if your having a candle light ceremony it would be beautiful. Good Luck!

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    Yes, you could take a burgundy carnation and a couple of white ones and put pearls around it with some ribbon it is very cute and it doesnt take away from the dresses either

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    I just went to a beautiful wedding where each bridesmaid carrried a lit candle. It was really pretty.

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    A boquet of fall leaves, with some bare twigs coated with burgendy glitter.

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    I had a winter wedding. My attendants & I carried muffs I made.

    Something like this?

    How about them carrying one flower? Or maybe a fall wreath. A lighted lantern, perhaps?

    Fabric flowers?

    A wrist corsage or a pomander. A prayer book or BIble?

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