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Ahwell asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 1 decade ago

What kind of programme is 'limewire' and is it safe to install?

Anyone had problems with it?

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    Limewire is a peer to peer file sharing service that is NOT illegal to use. What is illegal is using it to download copyrighted music. That doesn't stop many people however. Regardless of what people tell you here, nobody has ever been arrested for downloading music off of limewire. Sharing copyrighted music on limewire is a risk that you should not take however.

    You will not get any viruses from Limewire if you simply download nothing but mp3's. I do not recommend you download any movies or programs from limewire. Movie files often contain DRM and can confuse you into installing spyware/addware. Limewire itself is completely spyware and addware free as they state on the website and as can be confirmed on wikipedia and other anti-spyware websites.

    So in short - Don't share, Only download mp3's, and you're in the clear!

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    Limewire is excellent for downloading music, but be careful make sure you have a good antivirus / spyware installed. Check everything you download, and don't download programmes, or movies unless you want riddled with Mr Trojan

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    Limewire is a P2P file network program.


    As long as you have nothing worth keeping on your computer, you can download anything your want via limewire. Otherwise, its a portal for viruses of the worst kind. Even with anti-spyware, anti-virus, and a firewall, you're still not safe from catastrophic system failure.

    I just keep a junk box (junkie old computer that i don't care about) and an xp installer handy for using it. (you will have to reformat and reinstall windows when you're infested with viruses)

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    Limewire is for downloading files from other users. Mostly used for music, it can still get you viruses, but thats not likely to happen unless you are downloading programs.

    If you want to download LimeWire, then I would recommend using Shareaza instead. It is a lot better. www.shareaza.com.

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    Look, I have worked on computers, built them, ect. ect. since 2001, and anytime I want music, I use LimeWire PRO, it's safe, not filled with ads, spyware, or viruses. It lets you download at your own risk though. The program itself is very safe, the safest p2p file sharing program available. Morpheus, Kazaa, Soulseek, ect. are all slow in performance, and eventually drag your system to a halt. Limewire is the way to go when you want music, just make sure you have an anti-virus program to scan files when you download them.

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    Limewire is an ILLEGAL filesharing site. Songs and programs can be downloaded from it for free, but you can go to jail for using it. Almost every program uploaded is flawed or has a virus, so I've heard.

    -Money spent on music purchased from limewire does not go to the artists, so it is illegal to buy music from it as well.

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    Limewire is pretty good. It is safe. What you do with it is potentially unsafe. If you download programs I can guarantee you that you will get viruses and trojans. Music? You are probably ok.

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    One time I downloaded it and it was really cool, but after like.... a month, my computer crashed. And then I downloaded it again when my computer was fixed, and it crashed again. Im pretty sure limewire was the reason, because when i fixed my computer again, i didnt download it, and it hasnt crashed for about a year, and it is still going!

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    limewire is a peer2peer software and lets u download content(movies, music,etc) directly from other users.

    it is safe as long as u know what u're doing. choose what to download wisely and keep good antivirus like mcafe suite 2005 or antivir which catch infection as soon as it occurs.

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    ive have been given limewire and it doesnt supply you viruses. ive had it for no less than 6 months now and havent had a million. U in simple terms ought to be sure you in ordinary terms acquire archives that have the domicile windows media participant image by utilising them or despite song participant you employ.

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