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Are there any women out there that really enjoy spanking a guy?

sometime ago, I had a girlfriend who was really dominant who enjoyed it - she really liked being dominant and bring me to tears. But I haven't met anyone like her in a long time. Are there any more out there?

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    You bet there are!

    e-mail me and I will bring the tears back to you.


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    Sure, I assume your ex is out there somewhere making another guys life hard but there are plenty more of us, you just have to search a little bit harder. I think a lot of guys discover that they enjoy dominance when their b/f or husband ask for such treatment. For me though, I have been into it since I was 14 and I have obtained great pleasure from spanking and otherwise humiliating multiple guys.

    My view is most guys behave like little boys from time to time and when they do what better way than to treat them as such (or as least how they would have been treated in the 70s and 8-s). I can think of no more effective way to get my message. Spanking can also induce better sex in most cases whether the guy likes the idea of being spanked (a massive turn off for me) or not (a much more exciting prospect).

    These days I would say I end up spanking 90% of guys I date and though most are not keen on the idea few back out. I give all guys a choice, after all they only get threatened with a spanking when they have earnt it.

    Unlike some people on here who say I am a freak I defend myself, lots of women enjoy being spanked so why should'nt I be the one to spank instead? The answer is that there is no logical reason. However, it is probably not more than 1-200 who are openly into spanking and 1-20 who potentially could be so good luck with your search if that is what you want but personally, I would run a mile as I do not want a guy who craves a dominant girl, that would make things so dull!

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    There are lots of us, darlin'

    The problem is most people aren't really raised to be dominate, we are much more of a go along to get along society. Dominate personalities are out there; both male and female. Most people who are naturally dominate channel it into business, or sports, and think it's not right to dominate another person.

    While it is never right to forcibly dominate anyone, unless it's for the safety of that person or the general public it's ok if they are willing participants. It's not hard to search the Internet and learn more about fetishes like spanking, and there are lots of "dating" sites where you can hook up with other like minded folk.

    There do tend to be more men looking for submissive girls, than women looking for submissive guys, but they're out there.

    If you aren't looking for a woman whose into the whole "lifestyle" then when you look for a new girlfriend look for women who are eager to try new things, seem confident and self assured. Once you feel comfortable that she's adventurous and fun enough then ask her sometime when your alone if she's ever been spanked by a guy. Talk about it, and then tell her how you enjoy that kind of thing. If she isn't up for it you'll know before you've got way to involved, and if she's even curious you may have your next girlfriend.

    It's really important that your partner enjoys the same kind of adult play that you do. She doesn't have to be as into it as you are, but she needs to be comfortable with it. Hopefully you'll find one who not only enjoys spanking you, but can introduce you to other fun games.

    Good Luck and Be Yourself

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    you will possibly desire to provide out your handle and then set up a value ticket counter (like on the deli the place they call you with the help of type) and a few barricades to guard the lines on your front backyard. Then purely take a seat decrease back (or lay on your abdomen, that's constantly maximum advantageous) and anticipate the doorbell. do no longer forget approximately some bouncers for secure practices and a 'tip' jar. I prefer the pony whip and ping pong paddles while i'm disciplining a foul female. How do you sense approximately being gagged? Hallelulah!

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    Sounds kind of creey. I'm more of the softer tip of girl. Sounds kind of cool to bring a grown man to tears. I never know a man who would want to be boss around by a woman before. But hey if your into that stuff. That's cool with me. I never done anything like that before.

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    Yes, there are. There are many Dominant women in the world and lots of us enjoy discipling our males. Suggest you try some BDSM websites like

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    I feel your pain (no pun intended). My last dominant girlfriend was 2005. Haven't had much luck finding another since then.

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    Usually works the other way around. Big thing about BSM is that the person who is being submissive remain in total control.

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    Sure, plenty. Try one of the fetish sites like or SIN (Spanking InterNet). Good luck!

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    Haha. I slap my boyfriend on the butt on occasion ... but not sexually. Just as a joke.

    I don't know ... she sounds pretty dominant.

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