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Do you think the Earth will survive all that is happening?

All the war, global warming, cutting trees, polouting rivers... etc.

Will this world keep hold?

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    Yes, the Earth will continue on. Man, on the other hand, may not. The dinosaurs lasted roughly 189 million years. Humans have been around 100,000 years. The more people there are on the planet, the great our (cumulative) impact is. Deforestation, etc. When you light one camp fire, there's some smoke, when you light 1,000 camp fires, there's a lot of smoke. Each camp fire may be small, but cumulatively... same with us and cars, and electrical generation plants, etc., etc. Global e\warming is happening. it's a fact. Whether it's caused solely by human activity, or we're just contributing to an on going process or not is debatable. The Earth has been through several ice ages without human help... although we can make adjustments that reduce our output, we also have to be prepared to adapt. What makes *me* laugh, is that jokers like Mr. "Al Gore is full of crap" will be crying the loudest when they're affected by change.

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    I also ponder this... The Earth will probably survive long after the human race is extinct. It is not Earth that we should be so concerned about, it is us. We continue to destroy the Earth in such a manner that eventually life, humans, animals etc will no longer be able to sustain.

    Global Warming or no Global Warming we may very well be doing ourselves in. All of the hatred and war, children and families starving, people committing senseless acts of violence... We are on the wrong path, and until more people open their eyes we will continue on this path until we ARE no longer...

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    "On a long enough time line, the survival rate drops to zero"... The Earth is not living in the same sense as you and I, but in a manner of speaking it kind of is alive. Some day it will be destroyed, whether by man or nature, is unknown.

    It could be by our frivolous nature to the Earth, but say we do get our acts together and life is prosperous. Our Sun is what is considered a G Class star. It is too small to go Super Nova, but will expand in size. Our Earth will not sustain life when this happens.


    Source(s): The Sun's current age, determined using computer models of stellar evolution and nucleocosmochronology, is thought to be about 4.57 billion years.[4] Life-cycle of the SunThe Sun is about halfway through its main-sequence evolution, during which nuclear fusion reactions in its core fuse hydrogen into helium. Each second, more than 4 million tonnes of matter are converted into energy within the Sun's core, producing neutrinos and solar radiation. The Sun will spend a total of approximately 10 billion years as a main sequence star. The Sun does not have enough mass to explode as a supernova. Instead, in 4-5 billion years, it will enter a red giant phase, its outer layers expanding as the hydrogen fuel in the core is consumed and the core contracts and heats up. Helium fusion will begin when the core temperature reaches around 100 MK, and will produce carbon and oxygen. While it is likely that the expansion of the outer layers of the Sun will reach the current position of Earth's orbit, recent research suggests that mass lost from the Sun earlier in its red giant phase will cause the Earth's orbit to move further out, preventing it from being engulfed. However, Earth's water will be boiled away and most of its atmosphere will escape into space. Following the red giant phase, intense thermal pulsations will cause the Sun to throw off its outer layers, forming a planetary nebula. The only object that will remain after the outer layers are ejected is the extremely hot stellar core, which will slowly cool and fade as a white dwarf over many billions of years. This stellar evolution scenario is typical of low- to medium-mass stars.[5][6]
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    The Earth will survive just fine. Consider what it went through being formed, and you'll nothing we can do is even close. I'm more concerned about what we're doing to ourselves. This is our home and we should keep it clean!

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    The earth will probably be here until the sun goes red giant in about 2 billion years.

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    I'm sorry. It isn't. We can't really live anymore in this way. I wish people would notice that we're damaging the Earth. But no, they don't. Of course, there is a way we can probably stop it. But that only works if we all just work together. But we can't.

    Source(s): teacher from first grade
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    Of course.

    Al Gore is a blathering idiot. There is no global warming, it's all just hot air.

    If he were genuinely concerned, he'd have a smaller carbon footprint.


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    The Earth will survive. But humanity is the one in a precarious position. That may not survived. Its minds is full of foolishness.

    Source(s): Reading the news and observing the world.
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    Dont worry, the world will definately keep going until the sun dies. However, that does not necessarily mean that it will be in a state to support our brand of life form. If we do not protect our planet, it could heat up or become too contaminated to support us.

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    The earth itself? Of course.

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