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How can I get thinner thighs? (read details)?

I really want some thin thighs, my legs are very muscler from soccer and running, I look alomst un proportional because I'm small and have muscler thighs, how can I thin them down with out loosing muscle?

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    eat less carbs and more protien. carbs store fat (not saing your fat) but hips and butt is where they like to go. protiens, builds muscle, i am not thin in the least, this is how i know what goes where and what to avoid, i love carbs, and notice when i have carbs where it hits, same with soda, if i stick to my meats and veggies, my hips slend down, and i am very hippy ha ha. being athletic is a benifit for you, but female, is the part of hips, keep them toned down, stay away from the good stuff!!

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    its pretty much impossible because i have the same problem. i have thick muscle thighs and a small wasit because i dance and play softball and basketball. if theyre is any fat on your thighs you could try doing leg workouts that burn fat and dont create much muscle. GOOD LUCK!

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    hi!! properly if i've got been you, i'd placed on any form of shirt or cardigan or jacket with a belt. the belt must be precise around your waist. by way of fact it cinches your waist, it hugs the smallest component of your physique, quickly making you look thinner. -and if u desire to placed on a gown, i advise black. by way of fact black thins anybody & possibly an exquisite belt that provides a pop of colour and slims you on the comparable time (possibly purple or a colour you like) properly i wish i helped you!! sturdy success!! XOXO -lisa

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