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What is the difference between teaching someone and implanting the knowledge in their brain?

In each case, they feel as though they have been taught and are fully versed. In each case, the result is the same. What's the difference? If there is none then why can't God do this for all of us and skip the painful lesson?


Prays: I never made any reference to whether you can or can't actually do it. In any case, God would be able to do it.

Update 2:

hisglory: Implanting knowledge does not limit free will.

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    A computer chip.

    Meat, seriously, I will change the question a bit and it has nothing to do with religion. If you can "implant" a thirst for knowledge in someone's head then you have given them all they will need in life.

    The Skeptical Christian JPO

    Grace and Peace


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    One would involve a Matrix-like plug in the back of the head?

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    You should check your science. You cannot implant anything into some one else's brain. Least of all ideas.

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    God doesn't make robots and we have to be tried to become like Christ.

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    If He did that, they you would accuse Him of brainwashing.

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