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where can I get cold-stratified sugar maple seeds??

I am a graduate student doing work with sugar maples and unfortunately just found out that I have the funding to start a project. I'm looking for sugar maple seeds that have already been cold-stratified and are ready to go. I've tried calling nurseries, both commercial and state-run, as well as research centers working with sugar maples and have had no luck. I need approx. 50 seeds to be sure that I can get enough seedlings in the next ~2 months. I'm completely willing to crawl around under trees looking for seeds on the ground, but don't have the experience needed to identify seeds that have been on the ground since fall.

Does anyone know of a source? or have any other suggestions??

Thank you!

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    Isn't it worth collecting seeds from the ground under sugar maple? Any seeds you find will be from last year.

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