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i need Ur help in my relationship?

my husband doesn't gave me attention which i need.i take care of him every thing.i cooked food whatever he like .but when i say something when her older sister say which i doesn't i said that i don't like this .then he said all the woman are same.they are jellous of each other.if some time i get angry he doesn't ask me why i am angry.and its take 3,4 days and we didn't talk.i love him,?adn i don't want ot leave him.i just want giv eme some suggestion ?how can i win the heart of him.that he gust listen to me.and take care people said u should think abut baby then he will be ok.wehn he get some responsibility.?but he said we can't think about of having a,one or two me any sexy thing.or the thing i can do.plzz

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    take him to a restraunt what attracted you to him do something sexy sleep next to him naked walk around your home naked anything try to anything to get into bed with him apply lotion in front of him anything what ever you think will turn him on if this doesnt work he migth be having an affair

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    ask him wats the matter and it might help a little

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