Parents of older, but still small kids, when did you stop carrying around/ packing a diaper/carry along bag??!

My twins are 2.5, they are not fully potty trained, but they are wearing pull ups and they will tell me if they have to potty. Should I still carry a diaper bag for them? Are they too old?

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    As long as you have kids that need pullups, you need a diaper bag. As soon as mine were out of diapers/pullups, I stopped bringing a diaper bag everywhere, but I still leave a bag in the car that has hand wipes, snacks, a small first aid kit, a set of extra clothes, disposable bibs, a fork and spoon, and an empty cup. That way, in case of an emegency, I still have stuff that I may need. You never know what may happen- you forget to bring a sippy cup to the restaurant, they need a bib because you buy popsicles at the park, they have unexpected diarreah and need a change of clothes, they fall and need a bandaid... If you keep a little pack in the car with these things in it, you are prepared, but you don't have to keep carrying around a bag wherever you go.

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    I stopped carrying the diaper bag when he weaned himself off bottles... after that, I carried a messenger bag w/ enough space to accomodate my junk and a change of clothes, a couple sippy cups and some pullups. Once he was potty trained, I just carried a change of clothes (or two) in the bag... but I didn't really stop carrying it until he was around 4. Even when he was potty trained, he had a really small bladder; sometimes, a 20-minute trip would end in disaster!

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    I stopped carrying a diaper when when my son was actually 2 1/2. He still wasnt potty trained , but i didnt carry all the stuff i us eto carry when he was a baby. At 2 i would carry wipes and 2-3 diapers. After that pull ups ,i would add one in my purse and traveling wipes package. Now he is 4 and finally trained, but i still carry with underwear and wipes in case he has an accident and needs to be changed. kids are unpredictable and many things can happen.

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    my elder son is goin on 4 now and i no longer need to carry a bag around for him but my younger son who has just gone 2 this month is in the same situation as yours he is not fully potty trained but wears pull ups and will tell me when he needs to go,but i still carry a bag with a spare pull up or two with a change of clothing just in case because kids are unpridictable and you never know better to be safe than sorry : ) soon the bag wont be needed at all but i think its just best to be prepared for littl accidents that may occur even if they seem to be doing really well with the potty training you never know : )

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    I would just carry a few pull ups and a change of clothes with me and leave them in the car. There's no longer a need for a diaper bag, the diapers are gone and so are the bottles.

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    I stopped carrying a diaper bag and switched to larger purses that can carry extra diapers and clothes. But now, I just leave it in the car. If they need it then it'll be daughter is now 4...and I just bring an extra change of clothes and leave it in the car with some wipes.

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    My kids are 10, 8 and 11 months I try to keep a bag in the car with clothing, wipes, lotion ,suncreen, bag of cookies, bottled water, diapers, pacifier a bottle and loose change, if your kids are almost potty trained I guess you could carry your things in your car and use them whenever you have to.

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    I found it really easy to keep a bag in the car clothes, pull ups and baby wipes. I also keep extra things like shampoo, plastic bags etc. Which has saved me many times. Just for a short time more I would keep them handy in the car with you. So, even if your at a family gathering or church you can fix an accident. Hang in there just alittle while longer

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    I stopped when my youngest was 2 - I was in the same boat as you, she was in pullups and not 100% trained.... but my husband bought me the cutest Coach purse for mothers day and I was so sick of lugging around that huge diaper bag I said goodbye to it! lol

    That said, if I'm out for extended periods I will sometimes drag it out if I need to bring alot of wipes and such.... ugh. :)

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    MY son is in the same boat. I still carry wipes, exrtra pull ups, and a spare set of clothes. But I put them in a backpack.

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