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Rust stains out of Cream Porcelin Kitchen Sink? Clorox overnight, vinegar, Zap, etc...nothing has worked. HELP

A wet muffin tin was left in my cream colored porcelin sink. I have tried so many products with no luck to remove the large gold spots. Overnight soaks of straight Clorox, cascade liquid dishwasher soap, boiling water w/powders, straight white vinegar, Zap, gasoline....nothing has removed the stains. I don't want to scrub anymore as I'm ruining the shine. Any help out there for a product that will work w/out ruining the finish?

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    I agree with Cici above, Bar Keeper's Friend, Wink or CLR will both remove the rust from your porceline sink without damage to the finish. I use them on my porceline Lasko Luxury Bathware poreceline sinks all the time, no damage to the shine in 9 years. Wink and CLR will give you instantaneous gratification and remove the rust immediately. If you use the Barkeeper's Friend, make a paste with it and water use the blue scrunge sponge for teflon, agitate, rinse the residue well and it will take it off.

    Source(s): Mary Ellen's Complete Home Reference Book
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    You could try a product called oxyclean. It sure removes many stains that I have used it for. I use it all the time for coffee and tea stains in cups and I also use it in the laundry and use it for all around cleaning. I do not know if it will work. But it is all natural and you could certainly use it for the things I mentioned.

    Hope this helps

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    Try Bar Keepers Friend. It's been around forever and is recommended for use on Calphalon product.

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    Is your sink and Elgin? I have one in cream also and it will never stay clean.

    I spent more and got less. It is a problem.

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    Cooktop cleaner.

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