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Can you sue if a teacher at a school goes through your phone and e-mail or you will get into trouble?

my friends and i had a couple pictures we didn't want the teachers seeing(nothing horrible) . im not quite sure how the teachers found out wee had pictures, but tyhey did and the teachers took my friend's cell phones and looked through their pictures then went through my friends email. i believe they made her enter her password or she had to tell them.

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    Teacher should not have done that. If you Sue (Which you can) you will have to give proof of what you are saying. If you are a child, that can be hard, because sometimes (sorry kids) adults find other adults more reliable that kids.

    I will totally tell my parents (if I was a kid) and the school counselor.

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    Depends on where you live, and the state laws governing the schools there....that being said; in some states you may have a case, but most likely NOT!!!!

    IF a student brings items to SCHOOL, the student then gives up the right to privacy from school educators; which includes counsellors, teachers, principals, and administrators. By you and your friends bringing cell phones to school, you are therefore giving up your right to whatever is on the phone such as phone numbers, pictures, etc.

    As for the second part of the question, Emails. When the school gives you the rights to use the school computers, they in no way give you the right to privacy on those computers. The computers are considered public property since they are owned by the SCHOOL. Any email or any other saved program, pictures, Instant Messaging, etc. saved or used on those computers are PUBLIC, and you have no case.

    Sorry, but that is the RULES OF LAW IN MOST STATES.

    If you want your right to privacy, don't bring them (cell phones) to school and email at home, not at school.

    As for getting the teachers in trouble, good luck. Your parents can complain, but will be explained the law, and then your "Parents" will probably be mad at you for taking your phone to school, and for whatever you "didn't want your teacher's to see"

    Take it as a lesson in life. Employer's have the same rights as far as on their computers at work, so you have learned a good lesson. Take it with a grain of salt.

    Source(s): Was a D.A.R.E. officer, and had to deal with this issue before.
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    This definitely needs brought to the attention of your parents and the principal.

    It's obvious the teachers went too far..Can you sue? Honestly i doubt it..But the teacher or teachers involved need to lose their job.

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    Sounds like they went too far. I imagine you could sue.

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    i dont think u would get in tropuble but they would if u told ur parents.

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    You can sue.

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