fiancé visa for UK?


i have a friend and he has a spanish girl friend

my friend is on student visa but the homeoffice has his passport, bcoz they think he is working more

my friend has an appointment with home office next month to try to sort this thing out

can he get a fiance visa while still here in uk before the appointment with the home office

if yes the plz tell HOW?

my friends nationality is PAKISTANI

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    They should go together to a citizens advice bureau or solicitor/law centre for proper detailed advice.

    As I understand it, he cannot get a fiance visa while already in the UK; but he could apply to the Home Office for a Certificate of Approval to get married. The fee is about £350 non-refundable, and the application is likely to be refused. The Home Office line is likely to be that he should go back to his country and apply from there; moreover, if he mentions at his appointment that he's thinking of getting married, they might consider that this is just someone who will do anything to stay in the UK.

    An alternative to consider is for them to go to Spain to get married - you need to check out everything with the Spanish embassy. He could then live here as the spouse of an EU citizen.

    It's really important that all procedures are carried out correctly. They need professional advice, and they need to know exactly what they are getting into. For example, if all else fails, is she prepared to live with him in Pakistan? If not, she should be careful about getting married.

    Good luck!

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    the residing house place of work purely opt for to do not overlook that you and your spouse are waiting to manage financially without resorting to reward from the state at any time. For this they opt for evidence that you and your spouse have a on a daily basis earnings that leaves about £250 in accordance to month after loved ones charges and employ/loan has been paid. Any reductions you or your spouse have may be lined interior the total obtainable assetts you both have. I extra my spouse to the united kingdom on a fiance visa 4 years in the past and that i became the purely salary earner. I despatched in 6 months payslips and fiscal employer statements exhibiting my reductions, that were round £10,000 on the on the spot. My fiance became universal and all went properly. i'm efficient you'll manage also.

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