For all of you who are good with electronics but have bad luck....?

My husband is a very intelligent guy and is familiar with many types of electronics. He has very bad luck when it comes to them. Example: he has a digital voice recorder that connects to his laptop via USB. He has transferred countless files from the recorder to his laptop over the past year. Three times in the past month when he has been in a hurry, his laptop won't even detect that the recorder is attached. However, the 6 times when he wasn't in a hurry, the device/computer worked fine.

However, my husband overlooks simple things. For the past 6 months, he didn't think that his blackberry had a power button.

He's at his wits end with having problems with his electronics and gets really mad when he has issues with them.

Should I just stay out of it or is it worth irritating him so that I can figure out some of his oversights? I feel bad if I just throw my hands up and say "It's your problem." but I also don't like irritating him when he's in a bad mood.

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    A very delicate question!!!


    Not knowing anything about the voice recorder, it is difficult to say anything, really, however, you could always try a different USB cable - they can and do fail.

    Check that the contacts on the USB plugs at both ends of the cable are clean and shiney - dirty contacts or tarnished contacts would not help the laptop to see the voice recorder.

    As far as your hubby is concerned, it is a hard question, as he could respond positively or negatively to your attempts to help, in that he could say "Hey that's great! Thanks honey!",. or he could say "Why don't you just keep your nose out of it!"

    A tough call!

    You might just have to try and see - then at least you would have a point of reference for the next time!!!


    Good luck.

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