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ok people i have an issue on my hands. my fiance and i have recently been talking about bringing another female into our bedroom. she (my finace) has been talking about this for 3 months, and had the same girl in mind the entire time. these 2 girls have grown into best friends, and thru that my finace has learned just how permiscuous her friend really is. my finace tells me one day that she wants to do it, and the next day she sayd that this girl sleeps around so she cant do it. i just need some advice with this situation, my finace knows that all want to do is watch. i want this to happen, but if it does not i wont be crushed. i think she wants it to happen too, she is just nervous because she does work with this girl. im wondering if i should suggest finding someone different, maybe online, or just stop talking about it completley. im stumped. i know i might sound like a pig to you women, but isnt this every guys fantasy? my girl is hot and so is her friend. any help is appreciated.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I suggest you find a stranger

  • 1 decade ago

    i reaally think that you should suggest a different person that would be kinda of wierd but i really think that you shouldn't have a threesome what if she starts to get intreseted in another sex type thats a little strange but i think if you really want it you should do it if not don't and i don't think you should find a stranger they could have aid, hiv, or, stds :(

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