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What's the difference between theory and reality?

The other day I asked my Dad what the difference is between theory and reality.

Pops responded, "Well Jimmy, go ask your mother if she would sleep with a complete stranger for a half million dollars."

So, I asked my Mom if she would you sleep with a complete stranger for a half million dollars.

She thinks for a moment, then replies "You know son, for that kind of money, I would."

So Pop tells me to ask my 17 year old sister the same question.

Sis replied, "For $500,000 I would do anyone!"

I tell my Pop what they told me and he replied, "Well, there you have it son. In theory, we're millionaires. In reality, we're living with a couple of whores."

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    He He He

    tht waas goooooood

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    A boy walks in on his mothers and fathers having sex. They tell him that they are making him a sister. the subsequent day the dad comes residing house and well-knownshows the boy crying. He asks the boy what's incorrect. The boy says, The mailman ate my sister.

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