Are my inlaws racist?

I'm black, my hubby is white. Prior to our marriage, his mom expressed to him that he was "limiting his pool" by solely dating black women...and she mentioned she wished he'd marriage an "italian girl" as she is italian....anyhoo...

most recently, her and my father-in-law have made comments about hubby and i are house hunting and they have said "oh no you don't wanna live in that area, lots of hispanics there" and this morning my mother-in-law was talking about her brother who is moving to a condo in what she called a "not so good area..." "there's lots of hispanics there" (we live in Cali btw, hispanics are everywhere" - so my question is...if you live by hispanics, what does that mean? they have made reference to gangs, and stuff with hispanics...but me being a minority, why would they make that reference in front of me? what if i were hispanic? hell, i don't like living in all-white areas...would you be offended by this too? whats a good way to stop this?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm Hispanic and yes its racist.

    They are assuming every Hispanic person is in some kind of trouble. Also I know some racist people who make remarks about black people in front of me and I'm a minority, the fact that they said it in front of you doesn't mean anything.

  • 4 years ago

    i could say they're talking there concepts extra so then being racist. There could be some undertones of stereotyping in a worried kinda way in case you or somebody else is entering into the "no longer so solid area of city." I many cases, what human beings say in the front of you may grant you with an theory of what they say in the back of your back. in my opinion, I respect those that are truthful to my face. That represents a real women/guy in my e book.

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    1 decade ago

    I'd tell them when they buy me a multi million dollar mansion that I've ben eyeing and pay all my bills then I will listen to what they say but until then, shut the hell up.

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