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A loud whining noise coming from engine??

I have a 1999 Daewoo Nubria. when i start it up, it makes a loud whining noise. My mechanical friend says its an intake leak. When i rev the throttle body, the noise goes to another spot around the intake. It almost sounds like its supercharged.

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    First make sure the serpentine and fan belts aren't making the noise. Spray some water on the belts to see if the noise goes away. If the noise changes when you simply turn the steering wheel, it could be coming from your power steering pump. But if you have a good technician working on the car, he's already eliminated those possibilities. You can check your car's history of repair problems to see if "intake manifold leaks" are common on your engine:

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    i could take the belt or belts off and verify each and each accessory- water pump, alternator, air con, and the idlers to make certain is everyone grew to become into binding. Water pumps can get distinctly noisy as their bearing gets sloppy whilst they are approximately to quit on you. Alternators have a bearing which could additionally get noisy with age. The air con would nicely be a sprint not worry-free. broken alternators could make a whinig sound in direction of the radio- tha's yet another element to earnings. the answer to any of those could be to pay a useful mechanic who makes a speciality of Audi's to repair it. in case you have been experiencing low coolant, this is the water pump. The shaft seal is leaking and its bearing is wiped out.

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