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what are the effective tools to market your business if your business is new?

what are the things to consider in marketing your business?

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    1 decade ago
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    If you are in business, any business, it follows that you are firmly in marketing.

    The most effective tools to get your business off the ground are 1---YOUR commitment.

    2--Sales Message: why should any prospect patronize your business..This is your unique selling proposition. For example Thomas Monaghan in his business then in its infancy answered that question with this answer----'fresh hot pizza delivered to your door in thirty minutes or less, guaranteed"

    This is an extremely competitive industry, but that SALES MESSAGE took Dominos Pizza to the top and to become the biggest in that industry.

    Remember Thomas and his brother had to drop out of college to run their first pizza store.

    Thirdly, you must have a TARGETED market, that is starving, eager to buy your product and able to pay. Example, a friend of mine sent out 300 cards to a couple of very AFFLUENT neighborhoods, with this headline---Who Else Wants To Come Home To A Clean House Without All The Work. The response was ninety-seven percent, because he targeted the affluent as his market, do you see.

    Fourthly, your choice of the MEDIA to carry your message to your targeted market can make or break your business.

    If you want more tools, attend this seminar and it is due in a couple of hours, GO to and

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    A very cost effective way to market a new business is through Public Relations (PR). Try to find an interesting story about your business that would get the interest of journalists. It is then free promotion and you can target lots of people. Newsletters published by organizations can also be a good source of PR although you probably need to give them a commission on sales.

    Viral marketing campaigns can also be very cost effective provided you find something fun or that people are likely to send to their friends.

    Try to encourage referrals. There is nothing more cost effective than recommendation. People are more likely to buy if a trusted source recommend you. Therefore, it is essential that your customers are happy! If there are unhappy it will go the other way around.

    Find champions or recommendations from credible organizations such as blue chips or important people. Provide case studies of happy customers and give quotes of their satisfaction.

    Good luck !

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    1 decade ago

    You are in the crucial start up phase. As you know by the sound of your question is that if people don't know you are there then they can't do business with you.

    It all comes down to your potential customer base. Advertise where they are. It really is as simple as that. I can't tell you more without knowing the details of your business.

    If you like you can send me a message, just click on my name. I will be happy to help answer any questions you have.

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    Since your business is new, your biggest challenge, of course, is going to be getting your brand out there. To do this you're going to need to advertise. Word of mouth and PR are great tools once you have customers and your public knows who you are, but right now you need to focus on getting those customers into you business and getting your business well known to your public.

    Like I said, to do this you're going to need to advertise. But since you're new, you probably don't have a lot of money to invest in advertising. You need an advertising solution that will get your name out there but not cost you very much. But does this miracle advertising solution really exist?

    Yes it does. Have you ever considered advertising on the back of the receipt tapes at your local grocery stores? This type of advertising completely floods your community with your business' message. It's a great way to reach virtually every single household in your area. And with every household seeing your ad 10-15 times per month, you'll have widespread brand recognition in no time, not to mention a lot of new customers.

    I actually represent a large register tape advertising company that works with 10,000 grocery stores in the US, Canada and the UK. If you'd like more information, please send me an emai. I'm sure we can get you set up in a few grocery stores in your area. I hope to be talking with you soon!

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