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Does anyone know of any radd names?

Just looking for some cool unordinary names for a girl or a boy

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    Here's a list of my top ten for each. Hope it helps ^_^

    Guys: Brooklyn, Sage, Race, Kester, Hayden, Fabien, Ryu, Oake, Rone, Romada

    Girls: Melody, Sanura, Kaida, Junko, Scout, Draken, Seion, Kazia, Sakura, Candra, Lake (okay, that's 11 lol)

    Hope you like one of 'em lol. They're not that unusual; but hey ho, I haven't met anyone called Race on my travels ^_^ Love and light, Tasha x

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    I'd go for mythological names.

    Try a butterfly book w/species names--there are some really cool names, many from mythology.

    But be careful that you don't name your kid, like, "hairy stripey-tail" in Greek or something. Get a translation first!

    Like, one of my roommates had this awful girlfriend who had an awful dog named Sativa. She was thinking, like, Cannabis sativa, but "sativa" is a botanical term meaning, "cultivated," like Cucumis sativa is "cultivated cucumber."

    What a dope!

    And PLEASE don't go with stupid spellings for ordinary names. I HATE when people do that! It doesn't look creative, it looks like you're too dim to spell the name properly.

    And not Radd, either. You name your kid Radd, I guarantee he/she will NOT be cool enough to avoid a daily a ss-whuppin'.

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