How useful is an editor?

Upon considering publication, I think perhaps I need one. What is the function of an editor or maybe it's an agent that I need? Again any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I need to edit my thoughts.

Update 2:

I'm looking for someone who could help me do that in this world of publishing that I really lack a complete understanding of.

Update 3:

I think someone with really great computer skills could do that?

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    normally a agent would help you negotiate a contract, but in the publishing world, the publisher offers what they are willing to pay. and the agent still gets a percentage of what you make.

    the editor like is stated before help put the book or article in a coherent order, and corrects the grammar, and spelling.

    if you are serious i would suggest you get the book, by Jess Herman, titled "Guide to BOOK publishers, editors, and literary agents" published by,

    Kalmbach Publishing Co.

    you might be able to find it in a library.

    I have one I bought off from E-Bay that was pulled from a Library shelf, it is a 2005 edition.

    good luck and God bless.

    Source(s): jcms My brother-in-law is a publisher author, and my wife is writing a book now.
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    An agent markets your book.

    A good editor will proofread for mistakes, and make recommendations that can make the difference between a hit and a bomb.

    What seems perfectly clear to you might not seem so to others. An editor may suggest you re-arrange chapters, add or delete a section, clarify in more detail or trim out extra detail to make your book more readable to the masses.

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    Have you got connected ? I have some e-mails out to some friends searching for you. Wish ya luck !

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    there is now way to answer your question. you have to be specific. what are you trying to edit?

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