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I found 4 baby bird eggs they are a light blue color what can I do to help them hatch???

We found them on the ground under a tree I don't think they have been there but a few hours what can we do????

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    These are probably robin's eggs. DO NOT make them hatch. Keep them in a big bowl with a bright lamp shining over them. Eventually they will hatch, then call you're local vet to learn what to do with them.

    Also, look in the tree you found them in for nests. Look to see if you spot any birds flying in or out of the trees.

    Good luck!

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    The best thing to do is put them back into the nest, if you can find it. If not, you can do what my sister and me did when we found some eggs.(they hatched ) Get a container,a big one with a screw on top. Like a gallon or so. Use an electrical lamp cord that has a socket for a light bulb on the end and screw that to the lid(not a plastic one,it'll melt. ) The light-bulb will be in the container when you put it on.Use no more than 25 wt. bulb. Make a little nest,and put the eggs in it.You also need to put a little thing of water in the container along with the eggs.Than you'll need to turn the eggs a little bit each hour. Ours hatched! I don't remember how hot it's supposed to get in there though.Or you could also do what I do now.Take them to the "Baby Bird Hospital".That's only what I call it. Actually it's a vet. that takes baby birds ,and hand raises them, than lets them go.They never charge me a dime either. I do donate money to them because it takes an awfully lot of dog food to feed all the baby's I bring to them. Right now, I'm putting up nets around all the bird nests in the back yard so if any baby's fall ,I can put them back or take them to the Baby Bird Hospital.If I don't catch them, they die a horrible death ,by means of a thousand ants eating them alive.Or even worse. Good luck,Bye.

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    they could be robin eggs that have fallen from the tree. you could put them under a heat lamp or on a heating pad for a week or two at the most. if the eggs have been out there for too long, like 4 hours, then it is too late.

    if you still have hope for the little guys then try the suggestion or take the eggs to the animal control center because the guys there know what they are doing.

    i sure hope those little birds make it. no baby animals deserve to die, right?

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    They sound like they could be robins eggs. There is nothing you can do to make them hatch. They need constant warmth from either the bird or an egg hatcher or incubator. If the eggs get cold they will not continue to develop. It doesn't take very long for them to get too cold. If they have been out there for a few hours as you say, it is too late.

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    If they were in the same place under a tree it could also be a ground nesting bird. If the eggs were scattered and fell from a tree they may be infertile or damaged. I think you should contact your local wildlife rehabilitation for help.

  • i don't really know but was there a nest near the eggs and was it windy.If both than leave them where you found them i your baby was taken from you you would probably be a nervous reck so the mother bird would be the same

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    Hurry and wrap them up in a towel and put them under a strong light. Call your vet and ask him to check them out. They may be dead already, but they could still be on the edge of life. Good luck. Ps. when they hatch, feed them worms or other bugs.

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    Is there a nest in the nearest tree, you would need to scoop the eggs with a bucket or something and put it the nest because if you use hand, the eggs will lose the bird scent and the mom will not know that they are her eggs.

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    It is best to leave it there if you do not see them hatching then continue to leave them there and call a vet

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    Put them back in the nest. Next time, DO NOT REMOVE THEM! You probably scared the parent off the nest.

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