Where can I find Smithwick's on tap?

Hey, I live in Lubbock, TX, which is the most backwards, 1950's place I've ever been. Why can't we get Smithwick's on tap here? I would even settle for a bottle at this point. I can get it in the Dallas area, and other big cities.

Is there a reason? Can I get it in Amarillo?


Ah, point taken, bulabate. And Smithwick' is NOT a micro-brew, it is an amber made by the fine folks in ireland that brought us Guiness.

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    I believe Smithwick's in made by InBev, one of the world's largest brewing companies. They also make Stella Artois, Beck's, Skol, Labatt's and many others.

    Just locate your local Amarillo InBev distributor (you can ask your favorite retailer who distributes the brands mentioned above) and ask if Smithwick's is available. Or call InBev - their American offices are in Connecticut.

    Source(s): (Not to rub it in but where I live - Montréal - InBev is promoting Smithwick's).
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  • I am assuming that it is a lack of demand form the loacls. Bars will only out beers on tap that have a large enough demand, so perhaps if you can get your fellow Smithwicks lovers to go to a bar and make the request, it can happen! P.S. I love Smithwicks too!

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    Try Amarillo, we can actually sell beer in town!! Seriously, next time we're out and about, we'll look.

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