How much water would you have to drink to 1 kill yourself & 2 dilute your stomach acid?

I know you can die from too much water, how much would you have to drink?

And can you dilute the acid in your stomach with water alone? How much would you have to drink to get the job done?

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    The first part is, I'm not sure but I seem to remember it was 8 gallons. That's because it happened in the news recently, not more than a few months ago.

    A radio station had a water-drinking contest - apparently they thought it was harmless like a hot-dog eating contest. It wasn't the winner, but one woman who downed about 8 gallons or so felt sick afterwards, was hospitalized and died.

    Part two, of course, if you drink even one glass of water you've diluted your stomach acid, at least for a while. Of course if there's already a lot of water in your stomach, you won't dilute it by much. Just how much water you need depends on how much you want the acid diluted, how much liquid is in your stomach already, and its total volume.

    You might be better off neutralizing your stomach acid, rather than diluting it, if it's causing problems.

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