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Trouble finding the g-spot??

I've tried many things to stimulate the G-Spot, but I just cant quite get it... Does everyone's g-spot work?? Or just some lucky woman? And if so, how can I stimulate it?

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    It's in your vagina on the front part under the pubic bone. It feels a bit rough when you find it. Depending on how long your fingers are, you may be able to get to it easily or need to do some contortions to get to it.

    As for whether it works, mine does and I personally don't know a woman with "broken" g-spot. I don't think it's lucky or unlucky. It's more a question of appropriately stimulating it. I find that pressure with a finger or two and rubbing it back and forth or in little circles work. You might want to try combining with other types of stimulation and not just rely on that. Get yourself aroused then go after the g-spot.

    If you have a man in your life, ask him if he wouldn't mind doing it for you. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to help you find pleasure. It's easier when you can just lie back and relax. It's also easier for another person to get to it.

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    Run your finger(s) along the 'roof' or top side of the vagina. Just a few inches in you will feel a piece of tissue that feels kind of like corrugated cardboard, you've hit the jackpot.

    Stimulating the g-spot is usually better with pressure instead of a rubbing motion because the actual g-spot is under 7 - 8 layers of tissue.

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    there is no spot in the female body, from which sexual desire could not be aroused. Innumerable erotogenic spots are distributed all over the body, from where sexual satisfaction can be elicited; these are so many that we can almost say that there is no part of the female body which does not give sexual response, the partner has only to find the erotogenic zones.

    The Grafenberg spot (G-Spot) is said to be a sensitive area just behind the front wall of the vagina, between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix, for more deatiled info go here,

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    There are some suggestions to this undertaking, yet first, i ought to comprise that many ladies are actually unable to have an orgasm for the time of intercourse, yet are waiting to for the time of handbook or oral stimulation. First, you may seem up articles concerning women's sexual well being and get a greater effectual understanding of the thank you to describe the region, length, etc. of the g-spot. 2d, no one learns greater effectual than by way of occasion. So, enable him to observe you masturbate, in case you're mushy. not in basic terms will it rather is a activate for him, inspite of the undeniable fact that it rather is going to provide him an theory of the type you progression your arms and the place they ought to be with the intention to realize your g-spot. 0.33, if there continues to be undertaking with looking the g-spot, it particularly is particularly helpful to hotel to the classic clitoral stimulation for the time of intercourse. the two by way of you achieving between your legs on an identical time as he's entering you, or him. this methodology is utilized by way of many ladies and an excellent variety of see fireworks.

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    My best advice would be to get your man down in that area with toys and lubes and have him work untill you find it! Some females can find theres in seconds others take a while.

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    I've heard many women say that this cream really works well to find their g-spot.

    Here is another one that's cheaper, but I don't know the quality of it.

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    It's very hard if you try and do it your self. If you have a husband or boyfriend ask him to help you. Not all women's g-spot triggers that orgasm feeling. I found some starter web sites that may give you a hand. ;)

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    well u need somethin more natural than ur vibrator!

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