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Why does the first zodiac sign (Aries) starts in mid March, not January?

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    The Zodiac follows the seasons of the year, rather than the Gregorian Calendar, since Astrology has far more ancient roots than do the months of our modern year. Aries begins at the Vernal Equinox; Cancer at the Summer Solstice; Libra at the Autumnal Equinox; and Capricorn at the Winter Solstice. The Signs of the Zodiac are aligned with the Sun and the Moon as the Earth traverses its orbit about the Sun, while the modern calendars (including the Julian employed by the Greek and Russian Orthodox Christian Churches) were derived by Christian Popes and later revised by scientists.

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    the signs start when they do because of the sun and and moon,astrology has been here since before Christ .his birth is when they started the year they dont relate to each other

    I would reckon

    I never studied book s on astrology, just studied people for many years after i asked them there signs. at a party once i told these four guys i would pick there signs at the end of the evening ,i did , correctly, and palmistry is also totally correct,in that every little bitty line means something

    a red mark came over my heart line when my wife told me she didn't love me any i learned about the lines on the palm.i have had people pull; there hands away saying ,how did you know That.theres a lot going on around us we usually know nothing of. everything goes in cycles,

    I depend on the guidance of the holy spirit .this is where i get my direction.things like this are enteresting though,


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    In ancient times, people believed Spring was the start of the year (also corresponds, pretty much to Vernal Equinox - 12-hours of Day, 12-hours of Night.). Consider that Spring represents the beginning of life (trees budding, grass shoots appearing, etc..), Summer represents growth through to middle age, Autumn is the time of maturity/harvest (seeing your progeny with their own progeny as the successful product of your life) and, finally, Winter as the time of decline and eventual end of life/activity until the return of the Spring.

    So, March use to be the first month in many ancient calendars. January was chosen, somewhat arbitrarily (As was, so I hear, the date of Jesus' birth - which was thought to actually be in March), perhaps as the Pope's attempt to distance Christianity from Pagan rites/festivals that occurred in March)

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    I got bad news for ya mate, the horoscope is not real.

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