Can anyone identify this shrub?

We purchased a home in February and there is a large shrub out there right now that I am considering removing. It's probably 5 feet high now. It has long woody branches, Red berries not round, but oblong and when I trimmed some of it, The flesh/wood was very yellow. I don't know the leaves as it has not been warm enough to grow yet but this bush is in the middle of our yard and keeps scratching us and the dogs while we are out there. But i do not want to destroy it unless I know what it is first. We are in MN if that matters.


Neither of those, Berries are very small, Like a fat grain of rice. Not as droopy as the weigula, and seems bigger then those possibly.

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    the excellent thank you to discover evergreen shrubs is to recognize that they are based in communities and in accordance with leaf shape length and colorations. there is the 'Awel" like shape, a "needle" like shape the sq. and bundled form needles and the "scale" like properties. Small boxwood, culivare like the eco-friendly velvet, eco-friendly gem, eco-friendly mountain and the jap holly are all shrubs that usually in no way choose pruning lower back. the bigger shrubs will choose pruning after 5 or 6 years counting on your area standards. I even have mixed and paired many varieties of the comparable sizes that provides "lots of color" to my backyard all wintry climate and summer long. Plus no regulation shifting. superb desires...-!-

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    Thie picture in the WIki article isn't very good, of course there are many different varieties.

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    wiegelia? they get beautiful flowers til late spring. when i didn't take care of mine it got the same berries you are describing.

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