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What was the best season for the team of ''Arizona Diamondbacks''?

Whats the best season for Arizona diamondbacks and what was the worst season for Arizona diamondbacks?

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    2001 best

    2007 worst

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    The best Season had to be the world series champs of 2001. Gonzo, Bell, the Big Unit, Matt Williams... I will never forget the moment Gonzo hit the ball right down the middle of the field and Jay Bell came running in to score.

    The worst year had to be 2004 team by far. They had lost more games than any Dbacks team in histroy. They went 51-111 (.315) and finished dead last in the NL West standings.

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    They won the world series in 2001 2004 when they lost over 100 games.

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    They won the world series in 2001 with Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, and Luis Gonzalez. I think their worst season was 2004 when they lost over 100 games.

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    Their best season was in 2001 when they won the World Series. But their worst season in my mind was last year. They sucked.

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    2001 the diamondbacks won the world series, so i would say that was the best year ever!!!!!

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    2001 when they won the world series was their best year

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    in 2001 they won the world series. dont know the worst.

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