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Ejaculation problem.?

Im a healthy 19 year old male, who recently had sex for the first time.

Allthought it has happend again since then i havnt yet been able to ejaculate.

I love my girlfriend and i find her beautiful, she makes me erect very easily so there are no problems there.

During the sex both times i wore a extra safe condom which is the thickest one they have, I assumed the reason i didnt finish the first time was because it was so thick and i have problems feeling anything with it on.

We have tried oral and hand with out the condom on and i still havnt come.

I dont know that the problem is she turns me on and makes me hard but i still cant finish and i want to for her and for me.

I can ejaculate when i masterbate but from the two times so far not during sex. Is there something wrong with me ?

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    There are so many reasons for ejaculatory retardation/ejaculatory incompetence and it is really quite common. Some reasons why a guy can't ejaculate during sex:

    physical reasons

    drug related (prescription or illegal)

    religious guilt

    not wanting to surrender to a female

    fear of pregnancy

    you never felt this deeply about another female...making you more anxious to please her

    Just enjoy the time together and don't worry about ejaculating, in time, as you relax and feel more comfortable, it will happen. This article might give you some more insight:

    In the meantime, if you think there might be a medical reason, please see a doctor. Also, try a different condom such as:

    Durex Extra Sensitive Lubricated Latex

    LifeStyles Classic Collection Ultra Sensitive Lubricated

    These are the thinnest but still offer the best in available condom protection.

    Source(s): I'm an R.N.
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