How long does it take to get from CA to Greece?

Plz answer!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Depends on which airline and the amount of stop overs. about 15 hours.

  • vivet
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    1 decade ago

    from San Fr. 15 hours

    from LA 16 hours

    with 1 stop

    Delta and KLM the cheapest

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Depends on which airline and the amount of stop overs. Usually 15 hours.

  • 1 decade ago

    I've flown to Romania, which is close, and it took (with a flight change, I don't think you can go nonstop) around 15-20 hours with one stop.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i live in new orleans and i took me around 15 hours to fly to ahtens greece. if that helps

  • 1 decade ago

    from ca id say nonstop about 10 hours.

  • akz
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    1 decade ago

    The flight time from California to Athens Int'l airport (ATH) will depend on your choices of airlines and airport of departure. There are no non-stop flights between any airport in California and Athens, so you'll have to stop at airports such as Munich (MUC), Amsterdam (AMS), Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG), London Heathrow (LHR), etc.

    The fastest trip duration from Los Angeles is 14h 30min with a stop in Paris (CDG) onboard Air France but this option is not available on Mondays and Thursdays.

    The fastest trip duration from San Francisco is 15h 05min with a stop in Munich (MUC) onboard Lufthansa.

    (Los Angeles / LAX - Paris / CDG - Athens / ATH)

    Air France flight AF67 or AF73 (depending on the day of flight) departs LAX at 22:00 and arrives in CDG at 17:30 with a flight time of 10h 30min. Then, you'll have 45min on the ground in CDG before AF2332 takes off at 18:15 and lands in ATH at 22:30 after a 3h 15min flight. There is another flight option thru Air France that is available everyday that takes 14h 40min on AF65 and AF1732.

    (Los Angeles / LAX - Munich / MUC - Athens / ATH)

    The total trip duration is 15h 55min with a stop in Munich on Lufthansa flight LH453 & LH3392

    (LAX - London Heathrow / LHR - Athens / ATH)

    Using British Airways flight BA278 and BA632, the total trip time is 16h 30min.

    (San Francisco / SFO - Munich / MUC - Athens / ATH)

    Lufthansa flight LH459 departs SFO at 21:55 and arrives in MUC at 18:00 after a 11h 05min flight. You'll have 1h 20min in MUC before LH5918 takes off at 19:20 and lands in ATH at 23:00 with a flight time of 2h 40min. This flight option is available everyday.

    (San Francisco / SFO - London / LHR - Athens / ATH)

    With British Airways flights BA284 & BA632, the total trip duration is 15h 15min.

    (San Francisco / SFO - New York / JFK - Athens / ATH)

    Flying with Delta, your total trip duration will be 16h 00min with a stop in New York JFK on DL1448 & DL132.

    (SFO - CDG - ATH)

    The total trip duration with Air France (AF83 & AF1832) is 16h 05min.

    (SFO - Amsterdam / AMS - ATH)

    The total trip duration with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL606 & KL1577) is 15h 10min but this option is only available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

    There are other 1-stop options from California to Athens but these are the quickest trip duration. The actual flight time will depend on the winds, speed of the aircraft and the actual route the aircraft flies. The departure and arrival times are local.

    Also, if you are flying to other city than Athens and/or California, you'll have to add flight time and time you'll spend at connecting airports (i.e. Paris - CDG, Frankfurt - FRA, Amsterdam - AMS, New York, etc.)

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