Does anyone know of a good place to find and in expensive bra?

I am also looking for something that minimizes, I have very large girls. I am not fat but I always look like I am top heavy. Obviously I can't afford a reduction so I have to suffer. Where to find...

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    I agree with the Lane Bryant answer. Even though I am not a plus size, the girls are fairly large, and I find their bras to be very supportive and still pretty. You could also try TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Ross for discounted name brand bras.

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    Since your girls are naturally large you don't really want to scrimp at the expense of them drooping/ sagging later. If you are young and athletic I would go for a good sports bra. One that holds you snug, but not too tight as you can cut off blood circulation and it will cause your shoulders to ache.

    Where to find any good clothing store.

    You sound young. If you are, your body might grow some more height wise which would make dealing with them a little easier.

    I know how you feel. I had implants and when one deflated, I had them removed and tacked up!

    But when I did have them I was a size D which was big for me since I am only 5'2".

    But the best bra I found that I really really liked was at Dillard's. They were about $14 each and made of cotton. and no underwire or padding. They were easy to keep clean too.

    I know if you buy an inexpensive one you get what you pay for because the elastic won't last long.

    Don't put them in the dryer either, that "eats" up the elastic.

    Good luck.

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    I used to have that same problem 34DD+at 5'4" - but I did end up getting the surgery (love it!!!) But before then.....

    Walmart - no

    Victoria's Secret - expensive & sizes are off ( you can try online though, they have a really good clearance tab

    Target - this is mostly where I found my actual bras

    Outlet stores - they are awesome! But try shopping the clearance at department stores. It can get very frustrating, but what can you do, right? Also, go to Ross, you'll luck out sometimes and Kohls. Keep working out your lower back though and they might not minimize, but it'll help your body carry them better and not give you as much shoulder and back pain.

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    Surprisingly, Lane Bryant has fabulous bras, and they start at like 36 B and go up from there. I don't know what size around you are, if 36 is too large, but they are great bras for a good price. They also have awesome sales all the time on their bras. Check them out.

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    Get yourself a minimizer! A good minimizer bra can make you look cup sizes smaller - Bali and Lilyette both make great, comfortable, modern minimizer bras for under $30.

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    Wal*Mart or Target are good places to look if you have one of them around you

  • 1 decade ago has links to various websites for women with voluptuous bosom. Good luck.

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    you can try walmart. they are the cheapest ones i can find anyway. kohls are like 14.99 and then every place else is even more expensive.

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    Victoria secrets or banana repulic.

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    wallmart, victorias secret, avon, good will

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