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is it weird that i use smell to help my memory and mood?

how can i really use it?

i find if i learn to associate a smell with a place or person, i remember the encounter better. and i find that certain smells that i have preassociations with (like for being relaxed, or for having company over, or waking up) help me.

does anyone else do this?

how else can i use the sense of smell?

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    That's not weird at all!

    The practice of Aromatherapy helps people to relax, perk up, and change moods on a whim.

    I use many oils like Peppermint, Orange, Cinnamon, Cloves, Eucalyptus and Patchouli to make 'potions' to help me when I am tired, stressed, have a headache, etc.Most Essential Oils are also safe for kids and dogs,too.

    You have found something good for yourself intuitively.

    Google on Aromatherapy and have fun!

    Good luck

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    To go along with what you are saying, I've heard that if you suck on a lifesaver when studying, and then suck on the same flavor for the test, you might do better. It triggers your memory.

    Or else, chewing gum while doing a test can help you do better. I don't think this is the same thing as smell or taste. It is more the chewing aspect. The activity makes you do better for some reason.

    I'd try the lifesaver trick.

    Source(s): Ms. Holmes (my 8th grade Teacher) Discovery Health
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    no not at all, smell is the first sense we use as a child, It is very powerful in helping us recall events, places or people. I always associate the smell of exhaust fumes, with my father, he drove a bus for a living. I used to "direct" him to park it when very small. Therefore the association.

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    That's a very common practice. If you are actually a psych student, you should know that. My prof in college told a story about chewing big red everytime he studied for a test...and then test day, would also chew big red. It was a way to jar his memories. (he also used smoking marijuana in the same context...but I passed on that!)

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    I do. I remember always my father by his smell. And everytime I smell violet perfume I remember my childhood. It's normal, you're not crazy. I do have the same thing. :-)

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    no its not weird at all, haven't you seen that old spice comercial? smell is one of a person's top memories ,especially when associated with something else

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    We all do, either consciously or subconsciously. Smell is directly tied to memory.

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    no, it is actually kind of cool that you could smell to help your memory and your mood

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