so this guy?

that i like and that likes me has started talking to me,like small talk..and whenever i'm around him i get really nervous..and choke up,how can i quit getting so nervous?

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  • amelie
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    1 decade ago
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    Wrong category, sweetheart!

    Post this question again in some other category...

    maybe "polls and surveys"

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't worry sweetie I have the same problem. obesly he likes you its only a matter of time before you relise how much you really like him and he's afraid that if he doesn't talk to you and flirt with you then he's going to lose you so ask him questions like whats your favorite color? or stuff like that after a while you'll just be like why was i ever nervous around him he's so cool I love him and stuff like that and at lunch call him over to sit by you or something. He's nervous to and so Help him loosen up and do it yourself ask him if he would like to go to the movie on friday and stuff liekthat but just remeber don't go alone take a couple of friends with you! start flirting with him and he'll be calmer around you and sooner or later you will too. So I hope this helps and if you need anymore advice. PLEASE E-mail me and tell me and tell me if this works and stuff

  • Annie
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    1 decade ago

    Try to realize that when you get nervous, it's obvious to the other person that you are uneasy. Just try to take deep breaths to calm yourself down. Act natural. Chances are this guy has been talking to you because he likes you for who you are--plus, everybody gets nervous, especially when it comes to getting into a relationship. If he's a nice guy, he'll understand that you may feel jittery.

  • 1 decade ago

    Just take a deep breath and talk to him....when you start talking to him....your nervousness will vanish......

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