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Who had a boyfriend ?Give me advise!!!!?

plz tell me some

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    im i had some boyfriend but my advice to you is try and look for the right one ,make sure he is what you want and you know him very well and dont fall for a guy who has a reputation as a cheater or aggresive those never change and dont let no guy talk to you into bed ,thats all they want,if a guy does not disrespect you and is a gentlemen and very careful when it comes to love then thats the one you need,guy who really like you show it by talking to you and being with you especially when they listen to you when you mostly need them.

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    yea, just be yourself but never forget your friends as some people do when they go out with a boy as they spend so much time with him and then when they break up they dont want to be your friend anymore.

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    whats your question?i hada boyfriend, thats all you wantedto know?

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    listen to them, agree with them,make sure their cute

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