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Why should I believe in the bible?

The bible is out dated;however, scientist has proven the begining of the bible to false. Did Jesus in human form really flated up to heaven, after his resurrection? I'm a believer in God, but sometime I do have my douts. You got to seriously honest here, that does sounds strange!!!!


The earth was made in seven day, that what the bible said.

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    Of course it sounds strange. It's a miracle which by definition means it is outside of the realm of the natural world where science usually operates. If you believe that there is a supernatural God (outside of nature, who created the entire universe) then God has the ability to alter the natural world at his will, thereby making miracles possible.

    I want to answer your original question though - "Why should I believe the bible?" You say the bible is out dated, yet billions of people (including myself) find the bible to be very relavent to our daily lives. Jesus's teachings are hard to put in to practice but they address things we face every day: hatred, forgiveness, greed, pride, putting your appearance over who you really are inside, lust, love, death etc. These are not out-dated issues. If you read the New Testament (especially the Gospels where Jesus spoke) you will find the bible almost painfully relevant to everything you do in life.

    As far as scientists proving the beginning of the bible to be false, I don't see how you can say that. The current scientific theory is the big bang... the universe coming in to existence at one specific point in time whereas there was nothing before... this is exactly what the bible teaches - God creating the entire universe from nothing.

    But there are many other reasons to believe the bible - did you know the bible was written over a period of 2 thousand years by over 40 different authors? Written by people from different countries who spoke different languages and were from very different levels in society... and yet the bible contains one message: God's love for humanity and his plan to rescue us from our sins.

    You should read the bible - at least the New Testament - or else you won't know what you're missing, and believe me it is awesome!

    And check out the links for just the tip of the iceberg of historical and archaeological evidence in support of the reliability of the bible.

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    The bible is not outdated, it contains stories about war, sex, intrigue, courage, faith, love and miracles. They are the stories of real people who struggled with the same problems most of us struggle with today. Science has not proven any part of the Bible to be false, it is just the opposite. Archeology has supported many of the stories in the Bible but has not disproven any of them. I am assuming you are speaking of evolution when you say the beginning, evolution is not without its flaws. However, there are many Christians who support an Intelligent Design that states that God guided the creation of the universe. Evolution could easily have been the tool God used to create life as we know it.

    Yes, Jesus did rejoin God in heaven after His resurrection. He is preparing our new home so that when He returns for Christians we have a place to go to that is free from sin. As for strange, yes all miracles are strange because they are times when God suspends the laws he set into place to do something special such as free mankind from the prison of sin.

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    Well, for starters, I'm not Christian and I'm certainly not a fundamentalist.

    I am, however, Jewish.

    So, with that said, let me point out that you are missing the point of the Bible (Torah...or "old Testament", for some).

    My faith doesn't teach the Torah as a literal word of God, but rather an EXCELLENT example of the history of humans.

    It teaches (to all willing to read and learn) how to live an ethical life, how people can really screw up their lives and how we can find redemption from those wrongs we've done.

    In short, it's like a manual on how to live (and not live) your life.

    Anyone trying to read anything more into Scripture misses the point and corrupts the message...which is best summed up by Hillel, a famous Jewish scholar:

    "That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn."

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    first of all, each thing in existence became no longer created by utilising people: the universe is one component. Secondly, there are a number of variations of God and there are greater advantageous than one holy e book. Now that we are clean on those factors, confident, i've got self assurance that each thing IS GOD (Pantheism) and the Bible is a gaggle of hogwash, that "godist" religions, for the main section, advise properly yet truly have not had lots of a favorable impression on the human race, that there's no such place as heaven or hell - those are states of being, no longer particularly "locations", and evil of direction does it exist, so there's no longer something to disbelieve there.

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    You shouldn't believe in all of it. But you should also be aware that the translations dont make complete sense and that it was written using ancient terminology. I believe in creationism , but not exactly as written in Genesis. The bible has some wonderful stories but many have probably been altered so we dont know the real story. I prefer the Quran as it makes more sense and is more (comparatively) accustomed to todays society.

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    why just limit to the bible? what about the other Gods / books / scriptures around the world? personally, i think you know the answer to your own question. or if you doubt anything...what do you normally do? research and find out for yourself right?? and when you have no other doubts left, that's when you are free. believe because you have an answer, even if the answer is unknown.

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    I believe in God,but the bible is mans words and thoughts,not the creators

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    If I were you I would buy the DVD "The Secret" before trying to even make sense out of the Bible.

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    Congratulations. You have taken the first step towards free thinking and a happier future. I'm serious here. I started with the same doubts. Now, I am the happiest I have ever been. Believe in yourself.

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    I asked the same question. People were divided about Jesus returning to heaven when I asked whether he returned physically or spiritually.

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