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My uterus went from the top of my belly button to just about 3 inches above it within a matter of days...?

How did it get so high up so fast?


I do feel him kicking really high up as apposed to when he would kick really low in my pelvic area.

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    Your uterus actually pops outta the pelvic area so that's perfectly normal. You'll even notice you have to pee less (WOO HOO!!!)... once you get to about 28-36 weeks, depending it'll drop again and you'll have a lot of pressure down there, and have to pee every minute again. Congrats on the baby.

    Source(s): 37 weeks preggo.
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    It's normal. During my second pregnancy my friends noticed more then i did that i had "doubled" in size in a week. My daughter had ended up frank breech. Her butt was down and her head and feet were in my stomach. I was literally larger in the front top area which made me look HUGE!!! Often you could see a foot sticking up by my ribs, reminded me of the movie alien.

    Until the baby runs out of room it will swim around and change position quite a bit. Up, down, all around.

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    It can happen. It's normal. Usually around this time is when the baby is growing the most, and because of this, you will seem to get bigger faster. It all just depends on the woman when and how your body will change.

    Source(s): OB/Gyn CNP, mom of 2 with one on the way.
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    Baby may have made a significant change of position. Do you feel kicks/punches/hiccups in different spots now?

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    Maybe the baby is pressing on it with his head or feet, pushing it up.

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    a living thing in you is moving up?

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    how did u find out?

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    have you had intercourse

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