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what is your pets name?

it is a cutie and moews

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    Dixie, Cornbread (in the avatar), Shasta, Smokey. All pretty kitties!

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    My female cats are named: Ms Claudia, Shadows, Granny Empsy, Tansy, Niobe and Sweet Emma.

    My male cats are named: Slick Morris, Buddy, Oliver and Hairball Harry McDoughal.

    I sent 1 female cat to a friends Parent's farm. Her name is Tabitha Tubbs

    The ones who passed over to the other side were;

    Jessie (male), McBeth, Fergus, Annie and Chloe.

    I found homes for Psyche, Piper and Tinkerbell.

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    Dog: Droopy

    Cats: Patches, Boo-Boo, Oopsy, Nose, Root, Smarty, Simba, Princess

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    Shadow Magic Cole

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    My Babys Name is Cali & no its not for California & she is a 13 month old calico

    I knew for about 8 weeks i was going to get him well so i thought i was getting the boy i even had girl names too but there was a 1/8 chance of me getting the only girl but i lucked out i had thought of other names but when i seen her & shes a calico i had to name her cali .. i tried the other names talking to her on the way home but they just didnt work but when i said cali she looked at me .. i knew shed like it so yeah 1 year later she is still my baby & my number 1 calico cat but when shes in trouble Its Cali Lee or California Lee

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    Pookie M. Dookie.

    The "M" stands for "Meister."

    As in "the Pookmeister."

    Variations on that name include "Pookmeister Dookmeister," "Dookster," "Pookiemeister Dookiemeister," "Pookster," and the current fave, "Pook-A-Dooks."

    One time he got a credit card application in his name. We filled it out together. He got a letter about ten days later saying his application was denied because he didn't have "sufficient credit history."

    I showed the letter to him. He just sniffed it and looked at it and didn't say anything.

    I framed it and hung it on the wall.

    It was hilarious to get a letter addressed to "Pookie M. Dookie."

    And no, I do not have "a lot of time on my hands."

    I work ten hours a day for the City of Los Angeles, and I have a very loving, affectionate, adoring boyfriend. I work on his ranch in Lake View Terrace when I am not taking care of my rescue kitties.

    I just love my cat.

    Source(s): Sole Proprietor, Kitty Godmother Rescues, Van Nuys, California, USA. Member, ASPCA, Humane Society, Last Chance For Animals, Sea Shepherd Society, Greenpeace.
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    My pets names are Tootsie the cat after the movie, Ziti the cat after the pasta, and Tanner the little chihuahua because I love that name.

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    My cats are:

    Butterball (named as a kitten, grew to be a mighty battle cat) called Butter - male

    Scruffy - male

    Sassy - female

    All my cats belonged to other members of my family until they were given or catnapped. I changed two of their names but Butter knew his name too well and would not answer to Fred...well, everything he liked started with F - food, fighting and sex!

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