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Why is it the RedsStaters seem to have a new agenda and new places to ascribe blame every couple months???

They have an endless flow of blame.

I'm expecting them to blame Gingus Kahn for being to liberal.

If Kahn had crossed the Hindu Cush Osama would have never been in Tora Bora

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    I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it may incriminate republicans, not that they have anything to hide.

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    They have the Blamethrower on high, and they don't care who gets burned! It's another way to blame other for their own failures. If the party hadn't become so bloated and in love with power they might still be in power.

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    I blame Moses, if he had never struck the rock, he wouldn't have had to wander the desert for forty years waiting to enter the Promised Land.

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    It's actually the other way around, buddy.

    The Libs blame everything on Americans and President Bush.

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    that's true.

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