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does drinking green tea every morning help you lose weight? or is it bad for you?

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    you need to drink 3 cups daily along with making some changes to the diet and it will aid in the reduction of body fat when on a caloric reduced diet.

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    Yes it helps you lose weight, but not as much as some people make it out to be.

    Green tea helps you lose weight because it contains catechins, caffeine and theanine. These compounds interact with each other when consumed and promotes weight loss, much more than individually alone.

    Any high quality green tea will have an optimum level of these chemicals. In fact, loose-leaf green harvested using very young tea shoots have the most of these beneficial chemicals.

    Increase metabolism (First link)

    A study conducted Dr Dulloo in the University of Geneva found that drinking a green tea extract beverage three times a day increases energy expenditure by 4%.

    Is 4% too small to make any difference?

    If you burn 2,000 calorie a day, this translates to 80 calories, roughly the same amount of calories in a small banana.

    But increasing metabolism is not the only way green tea helps lose weight. It also promotes fat burning and reduces absorption and storage of fat. The sum total of these actions has not yet been quantified, but is likely to be significant.

    Combine with Exercise (Second link)

    The best way to lose weight is to combine green tea with exercise.

    Two Japanese studies found that drinking green tea improves endurance performance by up to 24%. Combining green tea and exercise reduces weight gain by 90%!

    So green tea is not magic formula, but as a healthy supplement, and in combination with exercise, it is splendid!

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    Green tea has anti oxidents, gives you that get up and go, and doesnt stain your teeth like dark tea and coffee. Tastes good with lemon and honey . It is tasty both hot and iced. Also about the good part is that artifical bridges and and plates are not stained by green tea. My dentist says that once you stain them with coffee and dark tea, no whitener can do any good. Stick with the green tea. Cheers to your health. If you want weight loss eat a nice healthy meal with your tea. A good one is cereal and low fat milk or poached egg with toast. I lost 60 pounds and feel great.

    Source(s): dentist and doctor and experience i have kept the weight off for 20 years. PS fruits and vegies too
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    Drinking green tea is very healthy for you. LL cool J says so too in his new book, Plantinum Workout.

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    i heard that green tea extract helps you loose wieght and is good for your digestive system it also helps your energy level =) hope it helps you

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