Can one group be a member of another group?

I am moderater of two groups. One group for the whole family and a second one for the younger members of the family. I would like to make the group of younger members a member of the whole family group. Then, I wouldn't have to make changes to both groups, when I need to add or remove member of the younger group.

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    1 decade ago
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    Not the group itself but the members of one group can be members of another group.

  • You can Add the addresses of the younger family members group to the whole family group in the Invite:Add section.

    Go to:

    [XXX = whole family GroupName]

    Sign in with your Yahoo ID and Password

    Click on:


    (on left side of Group's Home page)

    Click on:


    (near the bottom of the Invite page)

    Then follow the instructions to Add the new addresses (up to 10 email addresses per day).

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