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I humbly submit that the Song of Songs (Solomon's song) fully supports homosexuality. What do you say?

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    Homosexuals appear throughout the Bible. One of the most erotic relationships in the Bible is between two men; David and Jonathan. Most people aren't aware that the Bible clearly defines 3 separate sexes; male, female, and eunuch. The modern meaning of the word eunuch did not come about until the 4th century CE. Prior to that time a eunuch was a male who lacked sexual attraction to females, mainly homosexuals. Eunuchs appear throughout the Bible. Not once in the Bible is the term eunuch used to refer to a castrated male, the one time that a castrated male is mentioned in the Bible the term eunuch is never used. Jesus even tells us that some eunuchs are born eunuchs from their mother's womb and even prophetically tells us that some people would not be able to accept that.

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    It's questionable: unconsummated adoration of the perfect male, which is also a theme in the New Testament, where Paul enters the picture.

    Some Christian scholars believe Paul was a closeted homosexual:

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    You know, it does bring up some interesting points.

    A lot of the interpretation depends on ones belief, I suppose.

    In the end, it is still dynamic (and erotic) poetry that praises God (either directly or through the manifestation of sexuality between humans, of whom were created in Gods' image).

    The link below offers some interesting insight.

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    The Song of Songs is clearly a sexual poem. Yet, the characters who sing to each other clearly seem heterosexual, unless I am missing something.



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    I say you are way off key, you are wrong and you are looking at something that is definitely not there. But, in your case I think the problem is that you have unnatural tendencies for the same sex and that somehow you've twisted this song of songs made for both sexes and not just one.

    Source(s): If you are gay you should come out of the closet because eventually the webs will gather and no one will want you except the cops who might be lookin for you.
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    I think it's a book about how much solomon loved his wife, not a man.

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    Where do you get that? I was always under the impression that it was a love story between a young man and a young woman.

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    Solomon reallllllllly loved his WOMAN!!!

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    Even as a non-Christian, this is one of the silliest questions I've heard.

    What moron told you this?

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