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How do u find out who is Hacking your account on Club Penguin?

There is someone who has found my password and i want to know who!!!!!!!!!! do any of you know how to find the hacker??

(im a member)

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    This is one of those reason's why you should change your password every 6-9 weeks - so noone would get into your private information without your private information.

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    I don't know how to find a hacker, but I do know how to fix the problem so it won't happen again. Change your password to something no one else would ever figure out. Using a combination of numbers and letters usually works well also. Don't leave it saved on your computer. If you can't remember it and have to write it down make sure it's kept somewhere safe. Lastly, don't use the same password for everything, like e-mail accounts, game accounts etc. They should all be different if possible, so other people can't get into everything and ruin it.

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