Can I go back to school?

I am afraid to go back to school now that I am married to a sailor, have a 6 year old daughter, a 3 month old daughter, and a 6month old Labrador. Is it possible for me to go back? Should I wait? It would definitly help me right now with the job I have. I work in a wonderful program that provides medical care to the homeless. We are open twice a week and if youre qualified as homeless you can come in and see a nurse (me) and a doctor on either one of those days, get your check-up, prescription refills, lunch and than recieve patient education. I want to go back and get a higher degree, but I have so many responsibilities and I dont want to leave my govt job. HELP! What should I do? If I go back it would definitly be a plus for my family in the long run. any advice?

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    You can definitely do it. I went back 2 years ago to get my degree as a registered nurse. At that time I had a16 month old and a 4 month old. There father was working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. I was doing great! Then halfway through the second semester I had to drop out. My husband lost his over time and our car died....Anyways, I'm going back finally this year for good. When I was in school before, they had an awesome class schedule. Try checking into your local community college. I had a class for 4 hours on Friday. I think that class took 8 weeks to complete. I had another where I only went to 1 class per month. There are a lot of flexible colleges around. You just have to look around for them. Good luck!!! I hope you get to go back .

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    I would say go to night school. If you have someone to take care of your children, like a sister, near you go ahead and do that. If you don't have anyone like that, offer to trade babysitting on the day you need to go to school, with another day so the other person can go out, and do whatever. That's exactly what my sister, the teacher who is going back for her masters, is doing.

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    go whenever you want. Dont let your family make you stay at home. Go for your goal!

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    you can go back to school whenever you want, if you want it..make it happen..

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