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What should I say to the cute guy sitting next to me?

This is college and I'm in the library. He's really cute. I hope he doesn't see me blushing. What thing should I say?


Guys!!! I'm being serious!!!!

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    What am I gonna do with all these extra final four tickets. not to him but loud enough so he can hear it. That should get his attention.

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    See what he's reading or studying. Maybe you can use it as an ice breaker. But try not to let him know you think he's cute, I'm sure he knows he's attractive so if you're too obvious you'll just turn him off. Be cool. Good luck!

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    You ask him for some advice like where something is. Then start a small conversation up from there. Then if the conversation goes well, then ask if you can hang out sometimes. act like you want to be freinds at first. That is is best thing to do. Trust me. Its worked for me.



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    Say, " hey I need a break form studing would you like to get a cup of coffee with me?"

    It worked for me. Just speak to him like a friend of yours and don't build him up in your head you'll do fine.

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    I'm studying women's lib and I'd like to ask you a question from a male's perspective: which is more appealing, a Brazilian wax, landing strip, or natural?

    That oughta break the ice and them some.

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    smile and say hi would help find a book i am looking for it on the top and i can t reach it

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    "Try this" "An Ardvark is an endangered species"

    Do you like watermelon ?

    Then blush, sneeze, and tap your left foot 17 times.

    How could he resist ?

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    Is my perfume bothering you? and Smile sweetly. Flutter Darling Flutter!!!

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    Well, the more time you waste asking us..... the sooner he's going to get up and walk away. Don't miss your chance. How co-dependent are you?

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