What is your stance on homosexuality?

I'm personally homosexual, and in no way religious. However, I know some have differing opinions, so I'd like to hear from you lot. What do you think about homosexuality? Are you homosexual (Or bi?), and do you think it's possible to "Cure" so to speak the "Disease." (I think that's bull, though)?


Since we're already on a trolling spree, I will place a couple more questions to chew on. Those who place faith in religious belief, why do you believe YOUR beliefs are exactly the truth? Also, if you are not religious, elaborate on why you think it's natural. I agree - It's just better to think it well.

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    i once met a gay bloke when i was at university a couple of years ago and he was great. really funny and yet so polite. i never judged him for being gay and i never ever questioned or condemned him for being that way.

    although i am straight, i respect and treat people in the same righteous way, regardless of their sexuality. also i am not religious, even though there are those who are that say that homosexuality is a sin and unnatural and those who are religious but insists that the bible states that god/jesus accepts and loves people irrespective of their sexual preference. people seem to forget that gays and lesbians are still the same human beings as all of us. they are NOT freaks. rather the only thing that separates you from others is your sexual orientation, in the same way that blacks, asians are for their ethnicity. but of course why does race matter? why does sexuality matter? or why should sexuality matter because the truth is it doesn't and shouldn't. for me i see homosexuality as not a disease but rather something either he/she is born with or something they accept when someone who was previously straight and who end up falling in love with people of the same gender later on in their lives. it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. screw what the bigots think. people who are gay shouldn't allow their bigoted and abhorent views affect their lives and the way their live their lives. as for the possibility of 'curing' gay and lesbian people, well frankly that sounds not just ridiculous but so off-the-mark. you cannot turn a gay/lesbian person into a straight one. so yes i agree that is complete garbage

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    I'm a lesbian and Ive had a religious phase because I also suffer from a mental disorder (voices that insult me)....

    so I thought jesus would heal me, but he didn't.

    I was ready for a while to give up my homosexuality for my health, but nothing happened. I mean I didn't get a cure.

    So I told myself that it's okay to be gay, regardless of what the bible says (I want to lead a happy life, after all).

    Today I also think the bible is just a book.

    And personally I prefer the quran, even though there are many misinterpretations around of that book, or people who put the weight on the false things.

    Yeah, my religious phase is over, and I'm happy about it now. I read lesbian erotica instead LOL

    what remained from my religious time is that I donate like 10 percent of my income to the poor (like the bible says)....I feel like that's a good thing to do for my soul, sharing with people who have less than me....life is sharing anyway, it's all about sharing.

    as for what do I think about homosexuality: I think its nature.

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    I'm talking from the viewpoint of a Jewish Christian who has been finding out Old and New Testament for forty years, and who teaches the Old Testament in church buildings. Mine is a good-researched and good-expert opinion. Jesus was once a 1st century Jew. So have been the entire Apostles. Everything they mentioned and did should be understood towards a backdrop of the Judaism of the first century, which pupils might name "Second Temple Judaism." To any one even relatively aware of Second Temple Judaism, there's no thriller why Jesus on no account recounted homosexuality . It was once no longer recounted due to the fact that it was once unthinkable. Nobody might have admitted to committing gay acts. Nobody might have recommended them. Homosexuality was once strictly forbidden. Jesus made no alterations to the fundamental ethical teachings of Judaism. When Jesus ascended into heaven, adultery was once nonetheless adultery, coveting was once nonetheless coveting, homicide was once nonetheless homicide, robbery was once nonetheless robbery, and homosexuality was once nonetheless homosexuality. Jesus discovered a lot approximately the individual of God, and far approximately the actual middle of the Law; however the fundamental ethical teachings He left untouched, and for well motive: they constitute the individual and motive of God the Father.

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    I personally believe that being homosexual is normal. it is a sexual preference. that doesn't make you any less of a person. I don't believe it is a choice to be homosexual I think you are born that way and that's it. its out of your control and even if you could? you shouldn't be ashamed of who you are. I do not think it is a disease to be cured. I agree it is complete bull. I hate it most when people say that. it cant be cured nor should it be. I'm saying this as a straight person.

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    I think that homosexuality is not completely genetic (ex: I don't believe they will find a "gay gene") however, I do think that certain people are more prone to be gay. Depending on the circumstances, I think that certain people could be gay or straight. Sexuality is fluid. Depending on what you believe, or what the people around you believe, it could sway you either way. I think that some peoples' sexuality is more fluid than others. You could think of it like clay- some clay is watery and easy to change, other is harder and almost impossible to change. So yeah, I believe that it is possible to "cure" or "change" your sexual preference, though it's harder for some people than others. And I do believe that all things are possible with Christ if he wills it.

    One thing I'd like to tell all you religios types out there is that being Christian doesn't make you ammune from having gay feelings. When you condemn homosexuality so harshly, it hurts your brothers and sisters in Christ who are trying to live a godly life but deal with this. We don't choose our battles.

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    The trolls have come out to play! Die Gays 11? 11? 11 incarnations, still a pu$$y and a whiny-a$$ troll.

    And danie- just don't even try.

    What do I think? It is as natural and healthy as heterosexuality. Because it s not a disease, there is no need for a "cure".

    That old saying: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Source(s): for real non-biased info: http://www.apa.org/topics/orientation.html
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    God made Adam and Eve...AND Steve, Bea, Jenny, Phil, Joe, Karen, Felicity, Arthur, Boris, Dawn...and ME!

    We're ALL children of God, he loves EVERY ONE OF US EQUALLY!

    I was made perfectly as He wanted me to be...gay!

    I have truly been blessed since I stopped living a LIE! When I finally came out and started living honestly, I was finally at peace within myself and with God. I have received wonderful blessings since I stopped trying to be something I'm not!

    Sex was meant for reproduction, but we've done that SEVEN BILLION TIMES OVER! (and still counting!) We've pretty much got that one down just fine!

    Now, it's for pleasure!

    So, be happy, be healthy, be YOU.

    God will Love you as long as you are the best YOU there is and you live honestly as He made you to be!

    No matter what that is!

    Homosexuality is NOT a disease, it's not a disorder, there is NO curing to be done. Homosexuality is perfectly normal and healthy for those who are actually homosexual.

    Sure, it would be a disorder for those who aren't homosexual to live as one.

    But let's not confuse things any further.

    Straights hate us now just as Right handed people distrusted Lefties!

    I see no difference.

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    100% lesbian here, and while I consider myself to be a spiritual person, I don't subscribe to any one organized religion (but my religious views are a whole other long topic). If being gay or lesbian is a disease (which it is not), then I don't want to be cured, it is what makes me who I am and who I am is a kind, thoughtful(mostly), and very happy person. Besides, many diseases don't have cures, only treatments to help ease symptoms, I don't want that either.

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    I figure God knew us all before we were born and if God's alright with it so am I. I don't bother with the Holy Bible. There are 6 admonishments against homsexuality in it while on the other hand there are 362 admonishments agaonst those of the heterosexual kind. If I wanted to bandy numbers, I could but like I said, God knew me before I was born and sent me here anyways and still Loves me. If He's good with that so am I. Blessings.

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    I think we can never have enough love in the world so discouraging it based on which genitals someone has is stupid.

    BTW Danie, according to Genesis, God did make Adam and Eve, and they were responsible for the fall of man, so maybe having some gays around the Garden would have helped.

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