Am I abnormal when it comes to sex?

I am a 18.5 year old girl. The only relationship i have had was with someone that i didn't really wanted. I have made with him the things that u do before sex, but i didn't want to move on to the next step and i still don't think about sex. (i am with no one now). I don't have any sexual desires and I also don't think about sex. A friend of mine says that it sounds abnormal that i don't have at times any sexual desires, whereas he does ll the time.

Now i'm starting to wonder whether it is normal or not that i don't have any sexual needs. Is something wrong with my hormones? Or is it possible that these needs will arise when I will be with someone that I really love...Or any other possible explanation???!

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    No, Dearest, you're not. People mature at different ages. You may just not be mature yet. Don't let people force you into something *you're* not ready for. When you're ready for sex you'll know it. for heaven's sakes, take you're time. when the right person comes along, you'll know.

    If you think something's wrong, go to your family physician and ask them; but if you're uncomfortable let the whole deal ride. Just don't put yourself in a position where you'll be tricked into anything. Please stay safe.

    Ignore the Green-eyed Monster above me...he's only a Troll.

    Blessings and stay safe.

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    most women are not into their sexual prime until their late 20s and early 30s. FEW men have a problem obtaining an orgasm. i think there is a big percentage of women - of all ages - who have trouble having an orgasm and enjoying sex because some women get into sexual situations before they are ready.

    honey, STAY A VIRGIN until you are ready and into it. you are NORMAL. when you are interested, experiment with your own body so you know what feels good. when you are in a good relationship, your guy will understand and wil not force you into anything you don't want. most guys your age will NOT want to wait. just be warned about that right now.

    your sexuality is special and is to be treasured and shared with the right person. be strong, and let yourself mature until you are ready. you will love it when you ARE ready.

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    Guys think about sex 99.99989% of the time, especially between the ages of 10 and 40.

    Gals tend to be different. Don't expect to think and feel like a guy. Being a guy is great, and I'd never trade it. But I'm sure being a Gal is great too. B U and don't worryl

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    You could be asexual, its a sexuality just like gay or straight. Some people just don't have sex, its not in their nature. I don't really like sex, however, I like the intimacy that comes with a relationship sans the extreme sexual component. Maybe you're sort of like that. Just figure things out on your own terms, you're only as different or abnormal as you think you are.

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    I dont think you are abnormal.....may be you do not enjoy being with that guy....if u like some other person and feel excited then its okie...may be its also that because of harmonal imbalance it happens...just chk it need to worry about that so much......

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